If you seek a high fitness level, you will have to frequent the gym


How many gym-frequenters do you know that are really fit? Personally not many!

On the contrary, I know of some people that despite having never stepped foot in a gym they are perfectly fit.

Most gym “visitors” spend their time for:

- observation

- socialization

- fruitless,nerveless and ineffective workouts etc.

Conversely those who:

- have clear objectives

- perform tailor-made hard workouts from which they won’t deviate

- are focused and committed to their goals and give their maximum effort ...

..can achieve remarkable results with no more than 3 short – less than 60' – visits per week or even by training at the comfort of their house


To become fit you need a gym and/or expensive equipment.


The most important pillar of fitness is neither exercise nor nutrition:
It is self motivation!

Self motivated people won’t need a gym and won’t need any expensive equipment.

Self motivation is a state of mind very crucial to fulfilling your objectives and achieving the most desirable results.

Self motivated people make predictions for themselves that become self fulfilling prophecies.And they are made, not born.

There are tenths of methods and workouts to become fit even if you use your home as a gym and your training equipment is minimalistic.

Actually, if you are self motivated, you can exercise yourself everywhere: outdoors, at home, in a hotel room etc.

Some ideas for training at home :

- Total body workouts performed in circuits are great fat burners.
You will have to mix exercises for your upper body, lower body and your core: squats, lunges, push ups etc.

- Weight lifting with a pair of humble dumbbells (adjustable are better).

With practically no money, minimal time investment and equipment and a lot of self motivation, you can achieve admirable fitness results!


If you look fit, you are fit!


It’s true that some people achieve a noteworthy physique with a combination of resistance training and a relatively meticulous diet.

Could such guys contend that they are fit?

Rather not and the reasons for this are:

* these people very often neglect their most important muscle:

their heart and by extension their cardiovascular system. Problems pertaining to oxygen intake, transport and management will bring fatigue and relative weakness to perform workouts and duties stressful for the heart.

* They also neglect the flexibility factor!

They never or seldom include stretching in their workout routines! Stretching is a must for the elasticity of muscles and a comfortable muscle tone.

People that do not stretch enough – and in the right way – have problems with their range of motion, problems that aggravate as time passes.

Conclusion: To be regarded as fit you need except for good physique to possess:

- strength
- speed
- endurance
- muscle elasticity / max range of motion.

Chris Strogilis

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